The Perfect Partner?

As the petals fall from the Valentines roses and only the soft centred chocolates are left in the box I found myself thinking about what makes the perfect match and how do we find the right partner?

Now obviously, I’m not going to delve into mysteries of love and attraction here, Instead I’m pondering the complexities of how you find the perfect business partner, one where the relationship works and you both have the same outlook and standpoint on life.

This is especially acute if you are exploring the possibility of beginning your own business as a franchisee. There is a myriad of possibilities out there but which opportunity is the one for you and what do you need to consider before making those tentative steps?

In true dating site style, you need to think about your profile and that of the one you are seeking:

Of course this is a bit of fun, but the message is an important one. You are not just seeking a job where you can leave if you really want to, as a franchisee you need to put your heart, soul and hard earned cash into the relationship, the relationship doesn’t just stop with you either, it involves your family and friends, more than you’d initially realise, so they need to be consulted too. Most of all there must be a commitment to making it work together through the bad times and the good. So take a look at your profile, write down what you would want in a prospective match and then you are armed and ready find your perfect partner.

Take a look at some potential matches and if you don’t see anything that’s right for you, drop us a line with your perfect match profile and we’ll see what we can find!

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