It’s that time of year – not one but two Franchise shows have come and gone (nearly) and franchisors are mulling over the performance of the franchise shows and reviewing how many hot prospects they got from the shows. It feels good – doesn’t it? The team is busy chasing down leads and one to one meetings and discovery days are getting filled up. All seems positive and you’re looking forward to a good year – again.

That’s part of the problem in franchise recruitment, we look forward with optimism without ever taking too close a look at what happened last year, and the year before that. You can’t change what happened last year so why bother expending any conscious thought about what you did – it’s all about the future right?

If your franchise recruitment plan is the same this year as it was last year how likely are you to achieve your recruitment targets? Do you consistently meet those targets – congratulations if you do, keep on going! However, many franchisors do not meet their targets and find excuses – or reasons? – as to why they didn’t, such as Brexit, elections, the economy, the market etc. You have to be deluded if you think that more of the same is going to give you a different outcome.

If you missed your targets last year – what are you going to do differently this year?

Most franchisors fish in the same pond for prospects, vying against each other for the best leads and hoping that their pitch resonates better than another franchisor’s pitch.

Hope is not a strategy.

At Franchise Top 10 we work with a select number of franchise systems to complement their existing recruitment strategy by finding new sources of talent for their franchise system. By supplementing their current activity we help them close that recruitment gap and reach their target. Get in touch with us to find out if we can help your system meet its recruitment goals.

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