Frequently Asked Questions

How can you get me unique leads at Franchise Top 10?


We access leads you are currently not approaching. Our systems and processes primarily concentrate on the career changers – people who have not quite thought about franchising yet but are ready to make the change in to working for themselves and a franchise is a perfect fit for them.


How do you determine a quality lead at Franchise Top 10?


We define a quality lead as a unique lead that you are currently not getting from another source. We pride ourselves on bringing our clients quality unique leads – month after month.


How many leads can you get me per month?


This is dependent on the level of marketing investment however 30 unique leads per month minimum is not unusual but it does depend on your investment level


Do you have a database for us to target?


Yes! We have database of over 14,000 subscribers who we can mailshot with news on your franchise as part of our service at Franchise Top 10.


Does Franchise Top 10 promote only my business with my marketing investment?


Yes! With our buying power we multiply the value of your marketing investment when promoting your business for your unique leads.

Do you promote my franchise alongside others?

We only advertise for you – we do not promote Franchise Top 10 or our other clients with your investment. You have your own dedicated account and we do not advertise multiple franchises in one promotion.


Is there a best practice way to contact the leads you send me if they are only just at the beginning of considering a franchise over an employed position?


We can help you with best practice on how to nurture your leads from FT10 to get the best results possible. This will be part of the service we provide to you.


What is a Success Share?


A Success Share is for when you sign on a new franchisee that is provided from a lead by Franchise Top 10. We use your marketing investment to generate the leads and when a new franchisee contract is signed, we share financially in that success with you.