About Franchise Top 10

Franchise Top 10 has been operational in Germany since 2011 and we opened our UK business in 2015.


Over the last decade our business model has delivered hundreds of new franchisees to franchisors that have recognised the value of the service that we offer.


We are ‘disruptors’ in what is a fast-moving environment.  We target prospects that are seeking out a new opportunity and we present our client’s franchise to them at the time of most interest to them.


We have honed our techniques over time to deliver high quality leads to our client base month in, month out. 


Unique Leads.


The leads that ‘standard’ franchisor recruitment marketing does not attract.  We fish in our own pool so that our clients can nurture their prospects without fear of competing with other franchise systems chasing their leads.

We run ongoing bespoke marketing campaigns designed around each franchisor. Our focus is to deliver  a consistent flow of leads that are unique to each system


The old saying “If  you do what you’ve always done, you’ll get what you’ve always got” is a truism in franchise recruitment. 


Most systems are doing the same today as they were 10 years ago and wondering why they can’t reach their targets!  It’s time to invest in change and start to drive your recruitment marketing forward.

Franchise Top 10  - run by experienced franchisors for franchisors


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